• To meet the work force needs of our company, in accordance with its strategic plan and objectives and with our guest focused approach, by  employing the right person in the right job;
  • To always keep the motivation and loyalty to Amara World Hotels of our staff at the forefront;
  • To establish a safe, healthy and serene working environment in respect of work place health and safety, and to ensure continuity;
  • To provide training and self-development opportunities for our staff;
  • To carry out career planning for our staff, using the performance management system, and to maximize their efficiency;
  • To show appreciation to members of staff who have shown a high level of performance, and to reward them within our means;
  • To establish equal opportunities amongst our staff members;
  • To follow transparent and clear management policies in respect of our staff;
  • To ensure that staff members participate in the total quality system;
  • To regularly review, update and develop our human resources policies.

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